Wednesday, May 2, 2012

0 Natural House Cleaning products Review

As I was cleaning the tub today I was overcome by awful smelling fumes. and wished i had some cleaners that wouldn't burn my lungs! Well I have just the cleaning products for you that use probiotics to get rid of the all the smells and germs that linger in your house. They are called Natural House probiotic cleaners that are ecco friendly!


I was able to try three of the Natural House Products.

product-trashy product-flushy-01 porduct-sinky-01



I just loved them all  I can't pick just one, They are all great smelling  and easy to use!

Trashy is a Trash can or diaper pail deodorizer and scrubber, simple spray into a empty trash can or pail  and let the probiotic get rid of the  odor and the grime. Then just let it air dry. It has a clean fresh mint smell.


​Flushy and Sinky are even easier to use, just take 1 easy little packet from the pouch  and either throw it in the toliet or down the sink( if you are using Sinky Make sure you run the water and the disposal and see the probiotics go to work. It's as easy as that. All products will last you a month if you use it once a week. FYI I also used Trashy when  clean the litter box and voila no more kitty Urine smell!



​To check out all the products go to  and if you decide too try on e or all of Natural house Products I can tell you , you won't be disappointed!



I was give these products to try by  in exchange for my review and my honest opinion.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

0 Ecco Bella Organic Makeup Review

I had the chance to review some great products for  Ecco Bella Organic cosmetics.  Eco Bella  are  all natural cruelty free products for your personal beauty and well as your home. Everything from make up to room mists. I got to review two products of my choosing, Si I choose.


FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation SPF 15




FlowerColor Shimmer Dust Refills

Both products are from the Flower Color line. The Natural Liquid foundation with SPF 15 in  Natural.  This foundation was sheer and light will great coverage, a little goes a long way. I also tried  the Flower Color Shimmer  Dust Eye shadow in Mocha again I have to say that I fell in love with this eye shadow! I always have had problems with my eye shadow disappearing  half way though my day, but with the Flower Color Shimmer Dust  it looked as good at 10:00  at night as it did at 6:00 in the morning.


So if you are looking for great products that are ecco friendly go to  . You may think that they are kind of pricey  I recommend that you try it still because in my opinion  it well worth the money, so go check it out for yourself.

​All products were given to me by  for my review and my honest opinion on their products.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1 Saffron Rouge Organic Beauty Products Review

I know that many of us today are looking to use products that are good for the environment. Saffron Rouge is one of the many  websites  that provide the beauty products  that are made from organic materials. I was given two products to try and review from two the the lines that Saffron Rouge carries. They are as follows.


Give winter-worn lips a holiday treat with moisture-rich, organic lip balms packaged inside a snowflake-adorned, eco-friendly box. With the words, “All The Better To Kiss You With” printed on top, this box of all-natural, USDA Certified organic, petroleum-free lip balms is an ideal stocking stuffer, hostess gift, or teacher’s gift this holiday season. Nurture with nature and keep your lips toxin-free. Box set of three vintage style tins includes three lip balms: Pomegranate, Chai Mandarin, and Pepperminty


​I just loved the kiss lip balm set it  was so sheer and light going on the lips, not leaving a film of any kind on my lips. over even on my finger when applying t to my lips. I loved all the flavors and that they give you a choice  of flavors too!  I also thought for the money the kiss lip balm is a great by for the money.



The second product that I was given to try  was.


Experience the age-defying power of Rose with the new Rose Trial Kit from Pomega5.


Although I did like these products I really was not able to give a accurate opinion on the benefits of these products as the trial size did no't give me a enough to see the benefits. That being said that would not deter me from ordering products from Saffron Rouge I would just be more careful in making sure that my purchases were fitted more to myself




To see other products that  Saffron Rouge provides go tpo their website at  




Disclaimer All products were given to me by   in exchange for my honest review and opinion.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

19 Newbie Blog Hop Giveaway


The Newbie Bloggers have arrived and we're bringing you a giveaway hop!! We've gathered up over 100 blogs (Newbies and those AWESOME bloggers who LOVE Newbies) and we all have a giveaway of at least $15 for you!!

This Giveaway Hop is hosted by and and is open to you from April 10 to April 17. Now, let's get to hopping and winning!!

For this giveaway I am giving away 1 signed copy each of Mike Saxons' book scorpions  Rebellion and Revolution.

The world was turned upside down by the swift and brutal attack of a dictator known only as Zodiac. Planting flash bombs in every major city across the world, he detonated them simultaneously, sending the survivors into chaos and anarchy.In the wake of the destruction, Zodiac unleashed the dreaded Seekers, a group with the ability to radiate an aura of intense fear, which would complete the enslavement and extermination of humanity.A former vigilante, turned government super soldier experiment, emerges from his self-imposed exile to challenge the new status quo. Can Vincent Black, with his makeshift team of unlikely allies, overcome the demons of his past to help preserve the future of humanity?Author Mike Saxton resides in Vernon, Connecticut, where he works as an independent consultant for Information Technology. This book is the first of three in the 7 Scorpions series.


Product Details

The war against the Grand Army raged for over a year and a half. Despite their valiant efforts, the rebels of Militia 28 are losing. With dwindling supplies and eroding hope, they have one last chance. The recent discovery of a weapon long thought lost rekindles their ambitions of eventual victory. If only they can get to it before Night Viper’s past comes back to destroy them. With his massive Ziggurat almost complete, the dictator Zodiac is poised to unleash his “final solution” upon the shattered remnants of humanity. The pawns are maneuvered into place and secrets will be revealed that will change the face of the rebellion forever. Who is Zodiac? What was the purpose of Project Scorpion? Most important, will the war ever end? 7 Scorpions: Revolution is the sequel to the award winning 7 Scorpions: Rebellion.



Now on to the Giveaway.

I'm going to make this one easy, all you have to do is leave a comment. About what you would do if someone tried to take control of the United States? Don't forget to leave your email so I have a way of contacting you.

Books where given to me by the Author Mike Saxton. to be given away Giveaway ends April 17th at 11:59  pm EST. Winner will be picked  by random org  with 24 hours of the end of the giveaway. Winner has 48 to contact me before a new winner will be chosen.


Don't forget to checkout the other awesome giveaways on the hop!



Friday, April 6, 2012

1 The Accidental Bride


Shay Brandenberger is raising her daughter in Moose Creek, Montana, on her childhood ranch, nestled against the Yellowstone River. Despite the hard work, she can't seem to keep her head above water-and now the bank is threatening to . She prays for a miracle, but the answer she receives is anything but expected.

Having agreed to play the bride in the Founders' Day wedding reenactment, Shay is mortified to be greeted at the end of the aisle by none other than Travis McCoy, her high-school sweetheart-the man who left her high and dry for fame and fortune on the Texas rodeo circuit.

Then the unthinkable happens. Thanks to a well-meaning busybody and an absentminded preacher, the make-believe vows result in a legal marriage. But before Shay can say annulment, Travis comes up with a crazy proposal. If she refuses his offer, she may lose her home. If she accepts, she may lose her heart.

Shay isn't sure if the recent events are God's will or just a preacher's blunder. Will trusting her heart to the man who once shattered it be the worst mistake of her life? Or could their marriage be the best accident that ever happened?



Many of us that are not yet married or even those who have always dreamed of their dream wedding in one aspect or another but I don't think that most of us have never thought  we would be married in circumstance  that are out of our own control. That happens to  Shay though an d she has to decided whether or not she should she it as a blessing  or maybe just chalk it up for what it is a accident. 


Although, in the Accidental Bride  Denise Hunter is talking about marriage I feel that this book teaches us to  learn how to take things that happen in our lives as little blessing or even big ones. We need to learn how to let God work  in our loves the way that he wants to.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

0 Pieces of You by Hannah Downing Blog Tour

I had the great opportunity to read  Hannah Downing's Pieces Of  You.


Charlotte Barnes was living the perfect life, until a series of events forced her from everything she knew and loved. Now, five years later, she’s ready to face her past, and the truth. But will that truth destroy her new-found happiness?
Pieces of Us is an emotional roller-coaster about lost love and how one small indiscretion can ultimately change your entire life. In the end, Charlotte will question every decision she has ever made and find that, sometimes, you need to lose everything to truly find yourself.     



 I think that we all have been, where  Charlotte  is , We all have  a image in our head on how  are lives should be  and when they don't turn out the way that we thought it should , we tend to think our lives are over. Many times it just the begriming.


Hannah Downing does a Awesome job with Character development, You really feel as though you are right there with many of the characters.. You feel the happiness, sorrow, joy , love and every other emotion that you can think of. I loved Pieces Of You  and recommend that you pick up a copy for yourself. It will  defiantly make you look at the events  of you own life.

While you at it go to Hannah's page and check out what she has going on for her blog tour 


I receive a PDF copy of Pieces Of You from Hannah Downing for my honest review.




Tuesday, April 3, 2012

0 UGLee Pen Review

If you are anything like me you are always looking for a pen, there never seems  one to be around when you need one or better yet  when you do find one it's either ourt of ink  or it hurts your hand to write more then a sentence or two.

Well, ladies, gents and lkids alike I was able to review a pen that is so comfortable you will want to write till the cows come home or the pig's fly. It's the UGLee pen.

I have to say that  it honestly lives up to it's name, This pen is not going to win the crown and the USA pageant of pen's . That being said though  it's one of the mmost  comfortable pens that I have written with. All those years in college  I could have used a pen like the UGLee pen. The comfort grip of the pen alone is well worth it!

If you would like to order the UGLee pen go to 


I got the UGLee Pen free for review from . to give my honest opionion.


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